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Thread: Ampex ATR-102 vs Slate VTM vs neither?

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    Coule you specify how you use thé studer? Thx !
    Quote Originally Posted by woodyreed View Post
    I own the Studer, ATR, VTM, Kramer and VTAPE from VirSyn (hip plug ins BTW). To each their own and depends on the style, but I prefer the Studer overall. The ATR effects the sound waaaaaaaaaay too much. Much more then a real atr would. I actually went back and listened to some old mixes I had mixed down to a ATR. Since I don't own a real ATR, the references I had were dat tapes at 16 44.1 One tape was the mix from the console to apogee Mini DAC, into the Panasonic. The other was off the repro head into a MiniDAC, into a panasonic dat. The differences were subtle. Very subtle. The ATR was for sure nicer, but it was subtle. The ATR plugin, even with the ultra flat settings, just does too much. The studer factory set is too hyped, but once tweaked, it has a nice subtle thing it does that just seems to do what I expect it to do. The VTM and Kramer I can never get to work. The VTM is waaaaay to boomy and muddies the bottom. The Kramer is too brittle. I actually like the VTAPE on things too. Again, very subtle as it should. Knowing what the ATR does, I've used it to correct issues I was having. Like if something is way too bright waaaay up there. I can use it to smooth that out. I also like it on just the ebass as a compressor.

    Again, to each their own, so please don't flame me for sharing my own personal experience. Your results will indeed vary.

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    I use it on some individual tracks. Sometimes. Depends on what it needs. It can help bring something forward in the mix that might otherwise get to bright. Just to smooth out some transients. I also use it on the master bus for an overall smoothing and gluing of the mix. The key is the level going in. Not too hot and not to low. You kind of have to use your ears.

    I use a WAVES Dorrough meter before my tape sim plugs. If the level is right there, is usually right for the plugs. That's pretty much the case with all the UAD plugs I've found. They don't like a really hot signal.

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    Though I have both I don't see as a verses but more like more tools in your toolbox and different colors on your paint palette. I was testing them one day and I noticed that the VTM punches in the sternum area and the ATR-102 punches in the upper to mid stomach area.(I explain it this way because that's where I physically feel it.) If I had to choose one then I would go with the Ampex for the sound, feel and flexibilty.
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    I tested VTM and I really like it. I have both UAD Ampex and Studer, so I didn't really think I needed another tape emu. However, I saw the low $99 price recently, and decided to demo. Well, I was really surprised how much I liked VTM. Over the past two years, I found that I don't use UAD Studer that much (mostly for kick and bass). Conversely, I use Ampex on every mix on the 2 buss. Anyway, I really like how VTM handles high frequencies like cymbals, and it tames guitars nicely too. I feel like I am getting better results from VTM as a "tracking" tape machine than I did with UAD Studer. VTM seems to have a "firmer" compression to it... it seems thick and wide, but also very open. Hard to put into words. Ampex is still my favorite for the mix buss so far. Luckily for me, the special makes it cheap to get all the flavors, so I bought it. I also like that the VTM models different Studer machines than UAD, so it occupies a nice middle ground between UAD Ampex and Studer. I tried Satin, but it wasn't for me, I didnt get along with the interface and had trouble getting the sound I was after, but some people really like it. Between UAD and Slate VTM, I can officially call my tape quest done for now.

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    Anyone see the Roger Mayer 456 Stereo?

    Thinking it might be awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Hepworth View Post
    Anyone see the Roger Mayer 456 Stereo?

    Thinking it might be awesome.
    That does look pretty cool, but I honestly don't think it's going to be a giant step up from being able to use the UAD Studer on 24+ tracks. You've got a couple more tape flavors and way more options to tweak the tracks to your liking with the UAD Studer (I'm honestly not interested in any more tape effects). I often choose not to even use them (when working on mixes for mastering).

    For mixing though, I don't think anything out there beats having enough UAD-2 card "muscle" to run as many Studer instances as you want over a whole mix. It truly gives you a sense that you're mixing into a 24+ track tape machine (which can't be said with any of the other tape contenders since users can only run a handful of instances even on the fastest machines, but maybe I'm wrong).
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