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Thread: sorry stupid question

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    sorry stupid question

    I'm sorry to ask I have 2 cards and have version 4.0

    can I upgrade to v. 4.2 though I'm not sure I 'll buy the space eco?

    I mean is it wise to upgrade to last version anyway? or is it only for those who buy the new plug in?

    I know .... the most stupid question so far

    But I need to know and ... will take the risk.

    thanks a lot.

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    It all depends really. There are usually bug fixes and enahncements to existing plugins, in each update, as well. If those don't apply to you then it may not be of benefit to update. In the 4.2 update there have been these changes, in addition to the Space Echo:

    (Precision Limiter) Added selectable meter type for full K-System compatibility
    (Precision Multiband) Resolved issue with level-dependent surge during bypass/enable
    (TremModEcho) ModDelay Sync no longer grays out when Echo type changed

    In 4.1, in addition to the Precision Multi-Band 14-day demo:

    DMA enhancements improve non-realtime renders
    (Dimension D) Eliminated click when changing mode
    (ModDelay) Depth values over 170c are now recognized by text entry
    (DM-1/L, RS-1) Right Pan value no longer lost when saved with project

    If none of these fixes/enahncements apply to you, then you may be better off staying with 4.0.

    I have the Precision Limiter, Mult-Band & Dimension D plus the other fixes to exisitng plugins are of value to me. In addition I am dying to check out the Space Echo, so I'll be updating for sure.
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    Re: sorry stupid question

    Quote Originally Posted by Signal chain
    can I upgrade to v. 4.2 though I'm not sure I 'll buy the space eco?
    To clarify a bit, you are entitled to every upgrade of the software. So, no matter what version you purchased you can download the latest version and install it.

    In the same breath, as billybk1 pointed out, you don't necessarily need to.

    If you want to demo the latest plug-in then you would have to upgrade of course.
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    I allways uppgrade but not in the middle of an important project. But as soon as it's safe I install every update. Never a problem this far. 4.2 will be installed tomorrow.
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    Well, I say thanks really thanks

    Now I know that the upgrade also fixes previous bugs, and I can demo the new plugs .....good.

    so the upgrade is for all, it's me to decide when and if since I'm stable with my system.

    The question was a bit emm dull, but you didn't stress it, so I appreciated that very much

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