It seems I should have posted here, so here a copy. Sorry!!

First, formal hello as it's my first post but a long time lurker. I've been using UAD plugins for the last 5-6 years and Apollo Twin for the last 3. Without any problems whatsover, might I add.

Not anymore, unfortunately!! I guess there's a lot of Logic Pro X users over here so that's the best place to ask. I own the ENGL E765RT and it's been updated in the new 9.3 update. Since the update I'm seeing a 1 second delay when I press either Play or Play From Start key commands in Logic if a E765 is in use. I tried the new Savage and also started the E646 demo to test and they all do the same to my session.

If I remove it and replace it with my 2203 or Metal Amp Room plugins, everything's back to normal. Tried in different projects to discard the corrupted file possibility.

Is anybody seeing this also? Create a cycle zone of 8 or 16 bars in a project, press Play so Logic will start playback at the start of the cycle zone, press play again a couple of seconds later. When I do this, the audio stops, the playhead continue to move for a second and then playback starts back at the start of the cycle zone. Remove the ENGL amp sim and do the same. Now, when you press the Play button, playback instantly goes to the start of the zone and playback resume.

Thanks for your time!!