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Thread: Your favorite reference mixes?

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    Your favorite reference mixes?

    I always find it interesting as to what people use as a reference mix when getting used to a mix/control room situation.

    I have a few staples, and it's odd because while I'm not necessarily a fan of their music (often times, I'm not), I am totally familiar with how the balance of each element sets up, how the bass feels, and how the overall mixes sound at relatively low/mid volume. (I don't like to mix at loud volumes at all).

    For example, this is one that I know exactly how it should sound at a regular listening volume... just how much bass I should "feel" in the studio furniture (not much), how the highs come across, left/right stereo field, etc. ... but not that big of fan of the song.

    Same goes for this one:

    And, of course: (this one I use to hear any phasing in monitors)

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    Oh! I had forgotten about Roger Troutman. He owned quite a nice facility in Dayton, OH. It was a full city block long, on both sides of a main drag.

    :- Don
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    Thanks Don, Roger Troutman and ZAPP were one of my favorite groups growing up. What a great time to listen to music.

    My favorites to reference
    1. Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn love the bass line on that song
    2. Donald Fagan - Night Fly and Steely Dan love the clarity (I could never get that clarity)
    3. Eve - Satisfaction love everything about that song
    4. Word of Mouth ft. DJ Cheese King Kut I of the best Rap songs period and still sounds fresh today!

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    I have a whole bunch of them that I carry around with me on a USB key and also in my dropbox, so I can reference any room/system and start to get a feel for where I am and what I'm hearing. They serve different purposes, there's some missing from my current folder, but see attachment for some of my references. I also have Magic A/B plugin loaded in my mix template with my references all ready to go (see attachments)

    My number one ref is Gust of Wind by Mick Guzauski, uh I mean Pharrell What ever I'm mixing; rock, hiphop, EDM... it's gotta be knocking and make me feel like this!

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