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I find it unbelievable that V2 console STILL doesn't exist for Apollo firewire mac users! Why can't they take some of the DSP guys off of the latest plug in and put them on doing this? A year to wait for something announced is ridiculous. Are UA just turning into box shifters with no regard for the loyal early adopters of the apollo? I recall the same situation some years back when we had to wait 3 years for 64bit support on mac.

Keep sending me the junk coupons, I won't use them anymore - not until this is delivered. I am a 10 year veteran of UA and very heavily invested in UA (2x apollo firewire, pie quad, satellite and 10 years of plugs).

Yes, my system is still usable but for a "software company" to announce something nearly a year ago and not only not deliver but put the efforts into the twin usb instead that is only aimed at bedroom musicians that will probably only buy 1 or two plugs is very short sited. Also how many "tape emulations" do you need? Surely putting something like oxide on hold and putting the programmers on Console firewire would have been a resource better spent?

Have UA turned into the Microsoft business model? = 1 person in programming and 99 in sales and marketing?

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