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Thread: FUCHS

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    Quote Originally Posted by synaesthesiachronicles View Post
    It's a winner folks. Forget the rest, this one does clean, crunch & grind, and a super sweet Robben Ford-Larry Carlton OD. And it's Unison tech, so the feel is great, no lag. The set up is much easier too, easier to get a sound then the Fender Tweed, and for sure it smacks the ENGL... I didn't try the Marshall emulations, just not into Marshalls anymore. But this emulation is the the first and only that makes me think I can sell my Mesa Boogie rack system....and not miss it.
    I think its great too, but I'd never give up my Mesa/Boogie .22 Caliber

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    synaesthesiachronicles : I'm working on a detailed review, including tweak tips and usage of the virtual power soak (when I got my ODS 50 four years ago attenuators voided the warranty...) but until then the Fuchs ODS 50 plugin is now my first-choice guitar amp plugin. I own most of the UAD amp plugins, BTW. VERY close to my ODS notwithstanding speaker differences. I recommend copious amounts of tweaking, however. Gain staging within the amp plugin is fundamental to achieving the expected results. Per the manual increasing "Accent" (Fuchs docs describe this as a feedback circuit knob) values will increase the famous harmonic-grab-sustain of D-style amps at very low studio monitor levels, and even a little over headphones. I was very pleased to see that they modeled the 50 watt (4x6V6) and not the 100 watt (4x6L6) version. The Fuchs/Feiten cab emulation is a major contributor also. I modded a 2x12 cab to emulate the baffle board front/back speaker mounting approach, makes the amp sound almost stereo. I would have liked to have heard an EV12 cab emulation, one of the standard D-style speaker choices.
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