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Thread: Product request: Stand-alone Cabinet Sims

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    Product request: Stand-alone Cabinet Sims

    Hi all,

    I'm surprised not to find any cabinet-simulation UAD plug-ins. There are a lot of guitar/bass amp sims and plenty of room sims, but no cab sims.

    The ideal cab sim for me would be a selection of cabinets sizes; selection of drivers (1, 2, 4, 8 ... ); open or closed back; ports; mic sims; mic placement selection (distance from cab/cone, on/off axis); perhaps even dial-in thump and/or comb-filter controls, etc. (or just comb-filter effect when close-placing a single mic on a single-driver of a multi-driver cabinet).

    Many of those things are available already on the guitar / bass / room amp sims, but you there is no "defeat the amp part and just give me the cabinet/mic parts".

    Target audience: those of us with existing amps that run them through power-soaks and the like to get driven tones into our interfaces with no actual face-melting room noise.

    Am I missing it? Or is there a non-UAD solution out there to use in the Console?

    Thanks, Chris

    PS: I do love the amp sims. I have the '55 Tweed Deluxe and the Plexi Super-lead and am about get an Ampeg bass amp sim. But I also love my real amps.

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    There is a thread for plugin request. I've already made a request for an IR reader. We can even imagine a cabinet simulation in the kind of the Sound Machine Wood Works:
    One could choose the cabinet, the speakers, the placement and configure it.

    A great cab simulator is the C.A.B. from Two Notes. This is also a good starting point to imagine an UAD IR plugin: IR reader + power amp + EQ

    Anyway, you can use the new Fuchs simulation: you can bypass the preamp, the power amp and the cab separately. It's a quite good workaround as the cabinet part is really good.

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    Yes, several allow just the cab or amp sections to be used, including Softube.
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    Thanks, I didn't see that plug-in thread, I'll look for it.

    I hadn't planned on getting the Fuchs any time soon, but if they have a selection of cabs with pre/amp bypass, I'll have to take another look. The demo sure made it look good. At least I can demo it for a couple weeks next time a coupon comes along.

    Thanks, I'll check out the Softtubes that I have, though I haven't been too happy with the amps there. After your comment re: "several", I went back to check the Plexi (since it's a head sim), but they only modeled the one cab with several mics in front of it, and I'm not sure that cab is still active when the amps turned off.


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    The Brainworx sims (like the Fuchs) have multiple cab sims but there is no solution for the UAD Console that allows you to load your own IRs which is what I would like to do.

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