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Thread: Optical (ADAT) in/outs..

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    Optical (ADAT) in/outs..

    Hi guys,

    Apollo newbie here (well sort of).. any trick in getting the Apollo Optical in to work. I'm trying to connect my Motif Rack ES via the Optical/Adat lightpipe in/out... I've tried two different cable (trying to ensure it's not a cable issue) and get no sound with either cord. I was reading the manual, not sure if I understood correctly -- does the ADAT optical i/o need to meet certain criteria?

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    ADAT is a protocol for send eight digital audio channels over fiber optic connections.
    Developed by Alesis for their modular digital tape recorders.

    Are you sure it's ADAT? SPDIF also uses the same type of optical cables.

    My MOTU 828 has switchable optical that can be configured for SPDIF or ADAT.

    There may be some configuration needed for the Motif.

    MBP 2.0 GHz quadi7, 16Gb RAM, OSX10.9.5
    Apollo Duo, Logic 9.1.8, LPX 10.1.1, Live 8.4.1

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