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-1 days left in demo...


Active Member
-1 is not alot of days... I must've used the sh!t out of these demos... totally made time go backwards... F'ckin true. I just installed UAD 4.2.0 on a clean WinXP SP2 install, the card now in a new Tyan s2466 mobo (old board, just new for the card...) The authorization screen reports \"-1 days left\" for all demo-able products and my LA/LN/Fairchild/PultecPro are disabled. Hardware ID lists \"Card 1: -not available-\"

Yet according to Windows all seems well. Both driver elements are installed/recognized in device manager and the card isn't sharing an IRQ. I tried un/reinstalling the driver several times while swapping out PCI slots but nothin... I haven't yet tried going to an older driver...

I guess either the new motherboard/hardware ID's screwed things up or I've fried the electronizzle-emitter-junctioncakes on the UAD-1. Any suggestions? I tried a search first, with no luck...

Tyan s2466, dual MP2000+, 3gig RAM, WinXP SP2, UAD-1, 9652/hammerfall, Radeon 9250, custom lowered & tinted computer case with 22\" chrome fans and a big stupid f'cking wing on the back, not to mention the pointless chrome fan exhaust tip...



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Hi, I have the same board and have experienced the \"Card 1: -not available-\" message a few times in the 3 or so years I've had it. I've always managed to fix it by making sure the cards (UAD's x 4, Poco, Echo and graphics) are all seated properly. I literally wiggle the cards gently in their sockets and reboot. It's always done the trick for me.


My spec:
2 x AMD Athlon MP-2200+; Tyan Tiger MPX S2466; 2 x 512Mb DDR266 PC2100; 3 x HDs; DVD-R/RAM Burner; Matrox G550; Layla 24; 4 x UAD-1's; 1 x Poco


Active Member
Welp... That's exactly what it was! Guess this motherboard is a bit more \"fidgety\" than most, after cleaning the contacts and a few jiggles/reboots it finally worked... Now as long as nobody sneezes next to the computer, I should be ok...

Thanks for the help!


Active Member
Lol... I gotta admit the soldering iron hasn't been gettin much play lately... Half lazy/half waiting for parts. well... ok, mostly lazy.

I've been trying to track you down man... PM me your phone number... matter-o-fact I'm PM'ing you now....
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