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1073 sounds good.


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Well done UA, this 1073 has some mojo. I can get close with the URS but the 1073 has that certain sheen and warmth and depth which will make it the new champion of eq's. I'm getting my wallet out. 250 is a very fair price. I love you again UA!


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same here - i thought i didn´t need yet another EQ - but this is a must buy for me.
Keep up the good work UA - looking forward to your future releases - u got me hooked.


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i'm going to try to hold back my lust-factor for the Neve.. because i already have the URS and the Waves SSL.. not to mention the pultec/pro.. cambridge...... not sure if i really need another EQ...

knowing me, i'll break down.. but i'll at least try to do some comparisons and try to talk myself out of it...



how much of a card's resources is it sucking up?


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PodBoy said:
how much of a card's resources is it sucking up?
there's a thread in the mac forum i think...

80% of a card sucked up by 2 Neve + 2 Neve SE + 1 plate 140


I think the 1073 sounds great. but it will probably be about 4 months for me to have the money to buy it :(


For grins I cloned an acoustic guitar track, set the 1073 with the Acoustic Gtr Rhythm preset on one and the paired it up with Waves Q10, and a Pultec-Pro, and PLParEQ3 trying to duplicate the freq spectrum and sound.

I know, those other EQs are not intended to do what the 1073 does; but it's the best stuff I had on hand.

The Waves got harsh, Pultec-Pro did want to follow orders and did its own thing, the PLParEQ3 was very nice and well behaved (as you'd expect); the 1073 had that special something: more open, pleasing, musical whatever.

Then I stopped soloing the guitar and listened to it in full track context. The guitar just shined right through at the same dB level as the PLP. You might actually not want this on every track, and this is where the clean PLP would really be appropriate.

Pretty darn nifty.
The new 1073 sounds REALLY good... I'm impressed. It trumps the URS in my initial tests.... not by a far margin, but it just has more... depth.

Sounds fantastic on Vocals and Electric Gtrs...

Matt Hepworth

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Would someone mind cloning a track and putting the SE on one and the Real Deal on the other and flipping phase? What do you hear?


The previous links didn't get me anywhere. Might be a problem on my end.

Here is a crappy example:


I appologize for the noisy file. I threw it together with my sp which has a noise problem. I recorded at normal tracking levels and then normalized. I should have cleaned it up or gated it at least.



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damn you UA !!!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

just spent some time A/Bing the Neve against the URS N-series.. trying to get as close to the same settings on each plug as possible..

and .. wow.. the UA Neve is clearly more alive and musical.... and i often have trouble telling the subtle differences between all of these nice plug ins...

i even liked the UA Neve SE a bit more than the URS.. although those two were definitely close..

i think if UA stopped at the SE quality.. then those who own the URS wouldn't need the UA Neve.. but, the full-powered Neve plug really really is gorgeous...


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Guys, I can understand the excitement but for what I know Urs has no 1073 emulations in its catalogue. So you're doing a fake comparation. The 1073 soft vs hardware it's way more interesting, even if it would be impossible to find an hardware model that sounds exactly like the one UA chose to model.

Dan Duskin

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just spent some time with the new uad neve plugin on a female vocal...
(didn't bother with the se version)

first of all... i need to test this eq on other sources...

so far, i think it sounds incredibly analog and neve-like (yes, I've used neve eq's). it also has that smooth air quality that seems almost impossible to acheive with most eq plugins except the uad upsampled eq's... i.e., never \"scratchy\"

imediately i noticed the addition of a gain control... that alone makes this eq more usefull that most... i.e., if i boost a frequency that makes the track sound louder, i can turn the gain down to match the same perceived level... or if i notch/reduce a frequency i can turn the gain up to match the same perceived level. that's great! i never want to be fooled by changes in level, and that allows me to eliminate that from happening.

i also love the quick and easy high-pass filter

the set high-shelf wasn't quite right for the small voiced female vocal i tested it on... but that doesn't mean anything, i just wouldn't use it for this... like i said, i need to test it on more sources. i've never used a neve eq on vocals before, much less a young female with a small voice.

so far... it's a great eq... well done UA! if it sounds as good on drums as i hope it well, i'll buy it. neve eq on drums is what i'm familiar with.


I also waited for these in a long time, but since UA not are going to make a better crossgrade offer on UAD1-e, then i´m not spending another cent on plugins from UA. :( Sorry to say, but true.

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