2 New Songs-Come And Have A Listen...


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Hey, in my free time i try to put together some of my own songs(im primarily a drummer and am only playing guitar 3yrs.)- there is no vocals done yet but a friend of mine is working on them at the moment in his own place. Any comments/criticisms are more then welcome

http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemus ... dID=402323
On \"Upside Down\" the kick and snare are really buried in the mix. Surprising, considering that you are a drummer. They seem better in the second track. The guitar is a little overpowering in the first track but with some power on those drums, it might be just fine. Strings in the second track need more presence - maybe cut some of the low-end and boost the level a hair. Guitars sound good on the second track. Less overhead mics on the drums and more direct mics on the snare and kick in the mix would improve this track I think.
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