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30 Voice Choir


New Member
Could someone recommend an outstanding recording of a choir to use as a reference to mix a 30 voice choir /harp/piano/pipe organ that I am recording in the next two days. This group is excellent and I want to get it right. Thanks


Active Member
Choir... Very subjective. Speak style (Morman tabernacle seems like what you have described instrumental wise....)


New Member
Style of Concert

Well as far as style,its a traditional Christmas concert with half of the songs choir only and various other choir/flute......choir/oboe/harp.................choir /harp and two songs piano and pipe organ only. Im mainly interested in finding a traditional 30 or so voice choir recording of high quality. I should mention this is a live recording in the church. I hope this answers your question. I think the morman tabernacle is considerably larger than 30 voices although it may apply. Thanks


Active Member
Then go with Morman tabernacle. They spend lot sof money on there recordings. Another Quality deal is the Brooklyn tabernacle Choir.

Keep in mind you will never make 30 voices sound like 100 but you can glean from the SONIC quality of these recordings to get an Idea of what a choir should sound like.

Having recorded Qhoir since 1990 I have adopted many diff ways to approach it. In your instance LDC's of course and no more than 6 of them IMO. as you dont have electronic instrumentation all over the place.

with 6 mics you are looking at 5 voices / mic. (More of a closer up sound)

if a more ambient sound then go with 3 mics. Really sound check is where you figure all that out :) I have gone as far as 12 vox on a 30-50 voice choir just becasue of the amount of electronics instrumentation present.

I'd listen to this choir in it';s native unmiked habitat and decide which sound is what you want. Closer up or more ambient. Individualization or more area feel.

Too many schools of thought on how to cut choir to just say THIS WAY. Everybody has a diff opinion. As long as your opinion works ;)

Unfortunately I do Black Choirs which range from Full on Jam sessions to More Orthodox Catholic Styles or The Baptist Choir with the Pipe organ and ligth woodwinds/strings. Tons of variable. Search out a sound you think will complement and study it :)

Those are the 2 I'd suggest for your project. Moron and Brooklyn.

My Wife has directed choir for 20+ years and she makes 30 voices sound huge. Performance of the vocals, Parts and texturing play a massive part in the endeavour.


New Member

Thanks much. We used two large condenser mics for the choir which also captured the pipe organ. (Seems to have worked nicely)with individual mics on piano harp and flut/oboe. This choir has been together for 11 yrs and is directed by Dr. Shwartzhof of the the University of Ws and is excellent . I cant seem to find a M Tab recording without orchestration. It would be nice to find that, as a majority of our recording is just voice or voice with flute harp or oboe. I did find the Brooklyn choir on searching and will check out some more of thier mp3s to see if that will work. It is black gospel with more lead vox and bigger production with what I heard but will look further. Any suggestions on particular CDs with just voice from either one of these groups would be appreciated. Once again many thanks


New Member
got that wrong!

I just went and listened to some Brooklyn tabernacle and it is not simply black gospel so I got that wrong. It is much more contemporary with big production, VERY nice. Are there recordings of them with just choir that might be more traditional?
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