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3rd card...less RAM in System config?


Active Member
Hi there!
I just bought a used UAD from my friend and put it into my Magma to make it three UADs!
When I now open the system info the new card has only 2MB RAM size (my old ones have 4MB each) and RAM count also says \"1LL\" whereas the old ones show \"2LL\"

Does anyone have an explanation for this?
rock on!


Active Member
oh shyte, now the system became unstable again.... crashing and showing different system infos, this time all ram is there but the card was disabled and stuff, trying to shuffle the card around into different slots....
no luck so far....
wish me luck!

do you think it could be a solution to place the third UAD into the pc´s own PCI slots instead of the Magma.....not really what I bought it for but better than not working at all...


Active Member
damn! it looks like the third card is broken.
even when i put it instead of a working one the system stops behaving normal. this is not about the magma chassis i believe.

is there any chance i can change the card for a working one from uaudio without guarantee-period? i would be willing to pay, but not as much as a new project pack, that would suck big time!
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