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41% cpu, can't load 33609, WTF?


New Member
So I have 3 LA2A's, 3 1073's loaded, cpu is hovering between 40-41%, and I can't load a 33609 on the main bus, says the cpu limit is exceeded. I have 2 CARDS in the system, what gives? The config panel has each card showing 40%, but the total cpu load shows 95% (the limit is set to98%)

Are the 1073's that greedy, or is something not set right? (working at 48 khz btw). For 2 grand I had expected a few more instances.


Established Member
Hello, and welcome :)

I just had the same as you about 3 minutes ago, and I have 3 cards. Turn the heavy ones (1073's mainly) off first, then turn on the 33609. Then turn the others back on. It's all to do with the dsp load balancing, and yes, we all know (and moan) about it. As you say, the cards are at 40% each, and 33609 takes 67% of one card. So doing the above puts the 33609 on one card, and then spreads the rest out.

It's not that bad once you get used to it, although of course we'd rather have flexible load balancing...

When it comes to loading projects up you may find it best to arrange your project so that the tracks using things like 33609 load up first (in Cubase SX your example means putting the master track at the top of the arrange page).

MAN I love that 33609 though... It's a notorious dsp-muncher, but I don't care how much it canes the dsp, I absoluuuuuutely love it. Forget the SE version - it's a good plugin compressor , but.... the full just has MAGIC in it.

Sorry :oops: I do love that thing :lol:

EDIT - just noticed you use SX too - personally I use loads of offline processing to use the full versions as much as I'd like. The SE versions of the 1073 and 1081 are really very very good though :)


Established Member
markusone said:
Could you not just disable all uad plugs from the performance meter and then enable? Might be quicker
Sometimes that may work but unfortunatly not always. The load balancing still not perfect when using the BIG NEVE, and most of the time I can reach the max of my 2 cards only by loading again one by one the plugs starting from the biggest to the smalless.


Established Member
^^ Yep, just did that on a big project (Mean Streets, Mark :D ). It's kind of a pain but it doesn't take that long really in SX if you use the mixer right :)


2x 33609 full
1x 1073 full
1x Plate 140
1x 1081SE
5x 88RS (each with filters, eq and L/C on)
7x LA2A
1x Pultec

This, with three cards gives me 90% usage - probably could get a couple more LA2A's in there but the mix is done.

This isn't counting the 80 billion offline instances of things I have used too... I'm certainly not unhappy 8)


i believe that if you place your tracks with the 33609, 1073, 1081, etc. at the top of the sequence, steinberg software will load those plugs on the UAD cards first when you open your projects and you will have to do less manual balancing. try it and see if it helps. however, i have found that there is still no way to totally get around doing some manual balancing! disabling and re-enabling the performance meter does not fix this problem.


I recently bought the 33609 and I found it's unusable in a mix if you use other UAD plugs........due to the massive cpu usage it has.I only use that plug for mastering in Wavelab though which work's out great.Rendering the file using the 33609 takes minutes compared to when I used my Waves SSL comp,which took seconds.The Neve is worth it though.I just mastered a rap record with it and it just shined. :D
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