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Hi guys,
I have put a new demo up of my bands stuff, for a forthcoming album later on this year (or next!). This song was largly lost in a crash I had a few years ago, the only thing I had left out of it was a stereo mix of the music. We'll be re-recording this one for the album....after I figure out wht the heck I played in the chorus! (and after I con the wife into letting my buy battery 2!)

http://www.homepages.paradise.net.nz/gr ... lysium.mp3



Thanks! :D
I found that the ability to totally screw up drum samples was one of the best things about Battery-got the sound I was after really quickly, plus the GUI is much improved over the first version. Haven't got it yet but I think i'll find it indespensible for my next project which uses tonnes of Reasons Dr rex loops - I want to make it sound less \"reason-y\" so i'll redo the loops using Battery. I also would like to use it to do the loops of this track and another that we have with it also.
Our other demo track is here.....



Very nice indeed Radia, like the vocalist!

Are these all samples thru the UAD-1, care to share your signal chain?

...Cool stuff!



Thanks! :)
The music was recorded 2-3 years ago in Logic with logic plugs plus the Isotope vinyl plug, I lost all the multitracks in a disasterous computer crash and I didn't have a backup of it cos it had just been written and was still work in progress, so all that was left was a stereo mix I had put on a cd to take over to a friends place to play it to him. The drum loops were from various drum hit samples i'd collected, the guitars were done thru a Roland GP100 (now replaced with a pod pro) and Alesis Midiverb 4. Bass was direct thru a Sans Amp TriOD and various boss pedals.
The vocals were done with a rode K2 into a TLAudio 5051. I used a UAD LA-2a and the 1176se with an Interruptor Analogic delay and the new Roomworks reverb in SX 3. My soundcards are a pair of Marian Marc 8 midi's.

This was lost in a similar crash(that compuer got the biff after that!) and I found that the backup cd was a coaster (goodbye, Adaptec Easy Coaster Maker, Hello Nero) and the gear used was similar except that the guitars and basses were done thru the pod pro. The music is about six months younger than elisium. The vocals were done thru an Audio Technica Midnight blues mic into a soundblaster live - i'd taken logic over to my girlfriends house (now my wife :)) and installed it on her pc to do the vocals, so its mostly logic plugs on that one.

These are both gonna be re-recorded for the album we're gonna do - once we move in march into a country house - great for doing live drums:)) , so there will be tonnes of UAD goodness on them. I should have another two cards very soon hopefully!



That is great stuff! I like the bass, dark and inky ... creates a nice space 'around' the rest of the band...
Really nice vocals too.. great job!!!
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