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ACER aspire e300.. No boot up with card in


New Member
hello everyone

I'm also having a BIG problem with getting my newly purchased UAD-1 card to work.
My machine won't even boot when the card is in either PCI slots (i only have 2). And when I say it doesn't boot, I can't even get to the BIOS screen ... nothing... black screen and a fan whiring.

has anyone else had the same problem and come across any solution? At the moment it looks like I'm going to have to either buy/build a new PC (which I don't really have time to do) or try and get a refund.

I've tried messing about with my BIOS settings all day. Disabling devices and IRQs and what not.. made no difference.
I think my motherboard has a nForce4 chipset.. but I can't even boot to try the fix in the other thread.

I know the card is ok because I've managed to boot another machine with it in and windows detected it fine (although I didn't go as far as authorizing it to use it)

I would really like to get this card to work but it's caused me so much stress and lost time/money... I think i may be having to part with it

I really think there should be a disclaimer on the UA site and retail sites selling this card.. I had no idea the card would only work on a select number of carefully configured PCs.

The only thing i haven't tried is updating the BIOS.. has anyone done this with success?!


I would advise you to find out and post more information about your computer components so that someone with the same configuration could maybe help you.
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