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Acustica Audio Nebula2


Active Member
Hey have you guys tried this? The free version is very impressive and it seems like this technology has amazing potential within the next few years (as the algorithms improve and faster CPUs arrive). It is based on Volterra Kernels Series and is able to reproduce the sound of gear much more faithfully than static IRs - it can capture modulation, dynamic behavior, and distortion.

It's a bit of a pain to get running though, since you need to register and download quite a few files. Their web server has been pretty slow the past few days but apparently they are working on that.


Active Member
Oops, yea thanks for the link. They just added an EMT plate to the free library, off to check that out.


Established Member
Thanks for the infos & link.
Any idea about the price of the Nebula2?
Can't find that yet....
Strange web site..., some link are desactivated, must retype code for each download..., not a big deal but...



Price for the basic version (Nebula 2, no surround, no extensive internal vector editing etc) will be around 20 euros or so. 8)



tried it, nice to be able to control parameters and still use something like IR's....

but, can you peeps really hear a difference between regular IR's and Nebula's presets? They claim that they have much better transient-reproduction...



olafmol said:
i did a comparisation, 2 files, one processed with nebula's analog channel preset, one unprocessed. I am curious which one you prefer!
Hi Olaf,

Version B sounds much better to me. A is more flat and less 'defined'.
Listen to the bass, the chimes, the vocals.



New Member
Both files are exactly 11.2 MB (11,795,853 bytes)

I agree with Schaap, the 2nd one seems brighter, but they are so close I really don't know if I'm having placebo effect.

If I'm NOT having placebo effect I think the beginning of A is less harsh and the vocals sit better in A

B, again the beginning is harsh and the vocals are nausiating sounding, but the overall music and mix sans vocals are better in b.


Established Member
I like N2 very much. But the ginormous latency is a complete turn-off.


Eddie Macarthur

Active Member
after much jumping through hoops, downloading each file one by one, entering serials laboriously, i got the thing ready to install. followed installation instructions.
opened in cubase and got a dark gui and no presets.
reinstalled but this time used default folder settings (NOT the \"change\" setting suggested by help file which supposedly allows user to install libraries on a different drive). after all the fuss, i was finally able to hear some presets. i was completely unimpressed. the reverbs were tinny.
flangers ok but nothing special. same with eq. i don't see why anybody would choose this over the numerous quality plugins already out there. it also eats a lot of CPU.
and the gui is terrible. it's nicely rendered but the functionality takes us back to 1983. in an age of large screen lcd monitors, do we really want to be looking at a virtual lcd full of text?
in it's defence, this is free and the quoted price for commercial version is cheap...
worth a download only if you are having a boring day like me.


Established Member
I have a subscription to CM Mag, and the gui on this thing looks exactly like their Nebula plug. I'm assuming they are related somehow. The gui is very \"tracker-esque\", but in terms of functionality as a multi-fx I was thoroughly unimpressed. It doesn't do anything special, or anything new and unique in an impressive way. At least, nothing that I can't already achieve with plugins I already own and already am comfortable with using.
There's the rub for plugin makers... getting people who are making music to take their time to learn and use a new plugin. There is a big gap between them and plugin whores who spend all their time looking for perfect loops, and new and cool plugins and have never really mastered any individual plugin.

I always compare these multi-fx (lfx-1310, AD's Ronin, Nebula, etc..) plugs to my Kurzweil Mangler, and so far no one has come close to it. The quality of its digital sound is the best I've heard yet. It is very crisp and tight, the presets they developed are very good, and the gui is simple but effective. I always run myself in circles about getting another one or maybe a Rumour so I can have a dedicated \"laserverb\" box. Anyone doing electronic or \"nu-ish\" type of metal will drool over these laserverbs! They are really nice. But the distortions, the filtering, the modulation based fx in there are simply top notch for a 500$ box.

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