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Analog mixer options around $5K?


A buddy of mine is looking to upgrade his grainy Mackie 32x8 that's been in his studio forever. I think his primary goal is to have 24 - 32 channels, 6 aux and better EQ (and better overall tone) on the new board. I came up kind of empty with alternatives in his $5K price range. I thought maybe a Ghost LE. He mentioned possibly a Toft Audio ATB. Everything else I'd consider are markedly more expensive. :roll: I thought maybe you guys might have some suggestions for him.


Active Member
I have a Ghost 24 LE at home, upgraded from a Mackie 7 or 8 years ago... So it's been a while, but at the time my instincts told me it was a worthwhile upgrade. The pre's were more open sounding, the eq a bit less grainy (this is also in comparison to the original Mackie pre's, I can't speak to the newer ones they've implemented.) Nowadays, it's become a glorified monitor section -- I'd rather use outboard preamps, and I don't go through the extra AD conversion to mix through it. It's nice -- but it ain't THAT nice; rather neutral sounding using the standard fair opamps you'll find in any mid-range box...

But that's with my workflow, which nowadays involves doing stuff for me and the occasional \"friend\"... If your pal has lots of outboard sound modules/gear that needs to be patched in for realtime mixing, I think he'd be quite pleased with it compared to the Mackie. I've been inside my Ghost many times (eeeeeww, that doesn't sound right!), and I can tell ya the construction is worlds beyond the mackie. Each channel on it's own strip, etc... Way more modular, and slightly better internal components.

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
The Toft is a good value. He might also consider the Mackie Onyx 32.4-Bus or 3280, they're marketed as live boards but they sound good enough for studio use. The EQ's are a big improvement over the 32.8's, in any case.


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Trident Series 65... Ghost. MOst people don't even think about Sony boards...Big mistake. Check Ebay. I've been seeing some hot SOnys going for nothing and the TRidents have come way down. You might have to do some recapping and upgrade the ICs, mod the power supply (Or not do a thing), but it's better than buying an ONYX,Toft (China),New (China) Trident.. board...believe me.. I've owned and sold an Onyx.


Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
Now that you mention it, a Trident Trimix should be in that price range. It might not have enough channels for him but that'd be the best sounding board for the money I can think of.
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