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Another convert!


New Member
Hi all,

Well after nearly 2 years of badgering and coercive tactics by Dan Duskin (Studio 201) I finally broke down and purchased a UAD card yeasterday!

Spent some time working with it on a mix which is currently in the studio and I've gotta say it was worth the price for the LA-2A alone!

Cambridge will almost certainly be my \"go to channel\" EQ from now on and the Precision EQ is . . . . well precise to say the least. Smooth as silk in fact.

Some other nice touches in there too like the Fairchild and 1176.

Anyhow, hello all once again and I guess I'll be around from time to time.




Active Member
Welcome aboard :)

MANY warm moments lie ahead for you with the UAD ! UAD is definately the best investment for value I made for audio.


Active Member
Hello & Welcome :D

Sounds like you got the whole set of the 'premium' plugs like the Precision stuff or just got excited with the demo's :wink: but just a heads up to not forget to try the smaller plugs like the EX-1. Your certainly not wrong when you rate the LA2A so highly and this makes it easy to overlook the others. The delay effects are pretty cool too and the cards smoothing of the parameters makes automating them a joy IMO.

I've spoke with a few users who, like me, skipped thru the smaller plugs with just a few minutes noodling with them and thinking 'cool, a delay or phaser etc' and then going all gear lust and firing up the Fairchild and a pile of Pultecs. Nothing wrong in that I will add but finally getting stuck in and exploring the whole pack of plugins in more depth was something I will never regret doing.

If UA ever programmed some 'GUI aging' into the software which timed how much usage each of the plugins got and altered the graphics accordingly, I reckon my EX-1 would look in pretty bad shape :lol:

Dan Duskin

Established Member
Welcome to the dark side (I think). Just don't tell some of these people in here that we have equal polyamorous relationships with our powercores ;)

I agree regarding the EX-1. It's my favorite close-mic drum compressor... for Kick, Snare, and Toms. Too bad UA doesn't have the compressor of the EX-1 avalible by itself, or as a channel strip with Cambridge. Good stuff though.

Mark Edmonds

Active Member
Cambridge might be old now but it is still my number one Swiss Army Knife EQ and actually, probably my favourite UAD plugin.

Without considering the Poco Oxford, there is only one plugin I would replace Cambridge with and that comes with some major penalties like price and performance - Algorithmix Orange.

Yes, it is exciting to think of virtual SSLs and Neves and things but let's not forget the great tools we already have. Cambridge in one of them.

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