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Anoyne else having trouble with Princeton Digital 2016?


Sadly, left this world before his time.
About a week ago, out of the blue, it asked for a new authorization code. This didn't only happen to me, but TomW as well. We've both contacted Princeton Digital for that matter, but to no avail. We even e-mailed Tony Agnello personally, but again no answer.

Anyone else with this issue?

Also, does anyone know if anything has happened to the guy? I mean, I've started getting a bit worried... He's quite well known in the industry, I think, so it's quite unlikely that this is a scam. (AFAIK, he invented or developed the harmonizer for Eventide among other things).

BTW, if you google his name and find that he's passed away, look more carefully, 'cause that'll most probably be another guy with the same name - I bumped to his page during my search.



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Man... I am one who believe wholeheartedly in owning your software and paying your license fees and so on.

This is a situation in which I would feel fully justified in seeking out a 'slightly modified' version of the software.



So this hasn't happened to anyone else yet?

There were quite a few who got the SP2016 in the Group Buy - myself and Akis included.

If this has happened to anyone else use this post as a roll-call (sp?) so we can gather a list of names.

While I dont really agree with you cAPS, this is a situation that does legit users no good at all.



Sadly, left this world before his time.
Tony Agnello @ the Gearslutz forum said:
Our apologies. The version of Pace that we're using has been crazy-making. We're not sure what to do next. Pace says that a new release eliminates some of these problems. We'll try that and we continue to look at other methods of copy protection. A few user's have asked for iLok support (we use iLok for our ProTools version). It's a good idea and will eliminate the problem for those users.

Please resend your email with the new challenge to "support@princetondigital.com" and we'll send you a new response. While we understand that this is our problem and we've had way too many users needing to reauthorize, AFAIK we have not denied anyone a new authorization.

.mr chris

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jee, loooong time ago, I wrote Tony about movin to an iLok. Everytime I change something in the hardware, I have to re-authorize... very un-cool...


Sadly, left this world before his time.
Indeed. I had asked him the same thing during the gourp buy in a K-v-R thread (actually, I had bought the plug long before that). iLok works flawlessly here with the URS.


I have had some authorization issues in the past with this plug-in, in which it would be authorized in one host but not another. I spoke with Tony in length and he mentioned that they are looking at other authorization methods (incl. iLok). I am hoping they provide an iLok option, as it would make life much better. Also, they may be out of the office for AES convention/conference.


:: Chuck


Sadly, left this world before his time.
I e-mailed my challenge code shortly after Tony's reply and I got my response code within a short amount of time.


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I was also in last summer group buy and face the same problem, and from which Tony Agnello reply to me that he sent a message to pace team (august).
As soon i shut down my internet connection and start a Cubase session and try to load 2016; it ask me for a new authorization code. If I reoppen my internet; things back to normal! Lucky that my system run fine having net on. Today I got a message again from him saying that a new wrap with pace will be available soon. I also did a little trip to the web site and found the good news around the upcoming VST Plate...


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I´m trying to get a new reg, but all I get is an error message in my mail saying that it´s blocked by a spam control or something....any1 else having anny luck??
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