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Any guitar players out there diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel?


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I have an appointment with a surgeon next month to check things out. Could be something else, but having played constantly for 18 years now, teaching/gigging at night -- and being a computer programmer by day to boot -- I'm scared... Anyone have any stories to share? If I do need surgery, I just wonder what the realistic recovery time to be able to play again is... and if you're ever the same after?

I kept on searching for Carpal forums, but all of them are hosted by commercial treatment braces and massage therapy and stuff... Then you go to orthopedic sites and they tell ya that sh'it doesn't work. I don't know what to believe, and would love to hear from someone that's been through it.


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Some months ago I was treated for RSI. While searching for what exactly I had, I asked the doctor if I had carpal tunnel syndrom. He told me I didn't, but also told me that even if I did, the surgical procedure is very simple and fast and the recovery period a couple of weeks - AFAIK, you just have to wait for the wound to heal.
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