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any powercore users here?


Active Member
Is it easy to buy an used powercore plugin ie transfering the licence or is it a lot oh hassle? What needs to be done?

i think of buying a bowercore only as a reverb machine...

I asked in the powercore forum - but no answer so far...

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
As far as I understand it, plug-ins cannot be de-registered from a card, so any used card you buy will come with the plug-ins the previous owner purchased. A lot of people sell their Powercore's without running into any major issues.


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I think you just tell TC and they do all the admin as long as you have proof of the license to be transferred from the prior owner.


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The license transfer is easy and fast and described in the technical knowledge database of the TC website.


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ok thanks - i'll look that one up.
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