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Anybody have experience with 3 UAD-1 cards & G5?


New Member
I'm having problems running all the plug-ins I need to with my dual 1.8 G5. After I get past about 60% -70% on the UAD-1 meter, I get crackles & pops. I work with a lot of audio, so I'm considering a 3rd UAD-1 card. Does anybody have any experience with 3? I use no other additional cards in the G5. Currently my cards are in slots 2 & 4, which works out way better than slots 2 & 3. If I use all my available slots, will I be asking for trouble? Does anybody out there have experience with this?
Mark Miller


Universal Audio
UA Official
You can be walking the edge of the G5s current limitations with 3 cards. One option that has seemed to help many users with G5s is using a Magma expansion chassis. I usually don't recommend it to users with 1 or 2 cards since getting a new one is on the pricey side, but if you are using 3 or 4 cards its definitely a thing to look into. It would also help with heat dispersion as well, and you have the option to add a 4th card down the line.
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