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Anyone know this setup?

Big Bean

New Member
I know that many have been talking about it but, for all my searching :? I can't see if the UAD1 (PCI, not express) works directly on the SuperMicro H8DCE with two opteron cpus and audio over firewire PCIe card? I can see that it seems ok in a Magma but I don't want to spend all that to get one card working (as much as I love it -I'll just put it another system)

Any help is incredibly appreciated let me assure you!

Big Bean

New Member
I really just want to change the mobo as this the tyan (below) has never been right -breaks up way before 100%, pops crackles, makes the CPUs less efficient. And I want to use a PCIe graphics card.

Please anyone...

Big Bean

New Member
OK so every time I do a search on this forum it crashes and times out.

I found someone else wanting to know about this, so I called UA and asked them if they could reccomend. Apparently this board uses the NF pro which does not have the problems that some other opteron boards do, and that it should work well. So I hope that helps anyone else that was wanting to know this.

I guess I'll go for it (this is my 4th board now) if there any more probs I go mental though... :lol:


Active Member
Big Bean, did you end up with the H8DCE?

I have a S2885 just like you. I finally got my hands on a chassis, and that got rid of my crackling and stuttering issues, but cpu munching is aweful.

I now have dual Opteron 270's in there, and the best i can do is around 10% munching on each core at 1024 buffer. That's aweful IMO, so I am looking again to the H8DCE.
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