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Anyone using Fireface 800 with UAD-1/Asus A8V?


Active Member
Hi gang,

It's a bit of a crosspost, but I'd like to hear if people are having success with a Fireface and the A8V. I'd also like to hear of any problems/issues with the UAD-1 with a Fireface. I'm hoping to get a Fireface in the next few months... (fingers crossed!).




Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier, I don’t come to this forum every day. I just built a new system around the A8V Deluxe, 3 UAD-1 cards, and a Fireface 800, using Cubase SX3.1. No problems whatsoever. Smooth operation, no crashes to date, no problems with installation.

Hope this helps.


No sorry, not on this system. I used Raid 0 on my last P4 system (3 or 4 years old), since it gave me additional speed and capacity at that time. But since this board supports SATA and modern drives are so fast and large anyway, I didn’t really see the need in my case. I just went with a separate 200 gb drive for audio files.


By the way, I’m just running the Fireface off the onboard firewire port. I was concerned that might not work so well, but it’s operating fine. I even have a separate (Texas Instruments) Firewire card, but didn’t install it until after the Fireface. At this point I’ll just keep the Fireface in the onboard firewire port, and the separate card is being used for external backup & DVD drives. Just thought I’d mention that.

I see you’ve included the Fireface in your signature – did you already get one or are you just preparing? :wink:


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Just preparing! :D It should ship late this week, arriving mid next week.

Can you tell I'm anxious? :wink:

The only reason I'm leaning towards using my Firewire card is so it won't share an IRQ with anything. If memory serves, the onboard firewire shares with the videocard and slots 1 and 5. But if it seems to work for you, I may give it a go.

I'm hoping that things just *work* when I install it, y'know? Since I've been using mLan for awhile, I've forgotten how it feels to just have things work.


Mikem said:
I'm hoping that things just *work* when I install it, y'know?
I know what you mean. Every system is different, but the Fireface just worked for me right out of the box. I read a little bit about installing the driver (don’t let Windows search for a driver, direct it to the driver location manually), but other than that I haven’t even cracked the manual yet. My initial setup is pretty simple of course, but it’s doing everything I need so far.

I was bummed at first for having to buy a new audio card. I’ve used a Layla24 for several years and have been pretty happy with it. But I didn’t do my homework and failed to see that it’s completely incompatible with the A8V board. So now I have the Fireface and I have no regrets. I’m getting significantly lower latency before breakup than I did with the Layla24.

There is both a firmware update and driver update you’ll want to grab from the RME site.

I’m sure it will work fine for you. Keep me posted.
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