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Anyone using UAD cards with an RME Fireface?


Hi All,
I'm a huge fan of RME hardware. My present system includes an HDSP PCI card and a Digiface but I'm considering changing to a Fireface. The UAD supports docs say that there are more OS X/G5 issues with Firewire and USB audio cards than with PCI cards so I'm wondering if the Fireface will cause me more problems than it's worth?
I have my 2 UAD cards in an old Magma by the way.
Thanks for any experiences you can pass on.


i'm using two uad's with my fireface, and it works just fine here. it's a dual 2.3 g5 and everything's been smooth so far.


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I've got 3 UAD-1s running in my G5 1.8DP with a FF800.

Not completely smooth yet, but I have it working quite well. I will be upgrading to Tiger and maybe that will make things perfect?


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Well... It started with this:
http://www.chrismilne.com/uadforums/vie ... 832c9f06c0

But a helpful phone call to UAD got me to some new settings. The thing I didn't think of checking was; RME released new drivers in the last month and I needed to update those. Helped quite a bit. Then raising the I/O Buffer in LP7.1 helped as well.

BUT (there's the but) I am still having more Overload errors in Logic than before I had the UAD-1 Cards. One of the CPUs is running far harder than the other and occasionally maxing out. This is on a session with about 24 audio tracks, 2 VIs and Reason 2.5 rewired into it. There are about 32 UA plugs in place and the performance meter shows only 70% or so. Should and used to work just fine. Actually, with the UAD-1 cards running off their own processors, the G5 should work better. Not the case.

Also, inserting a UA plug on an Audio Instrument (either it's track or a bus it is routed to) is just not working. It actually causes sample rate errors. Stuttering and stopping.

But all that said, I really love the sound of these plugs. My mixes are definitially on a new level and the UAD-1 cards are to thank.


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i've got a ff800 on a dual 2gig pci g5, with 4 uad's in a magma chassis, running LP 7.1

*sometimes* i get some track or VI playing back really loud on a wrong output, but i'm not sure yet which piece of the equation causes this...and it doesn't happen often enough to justify the amount of time id need for troubleshooting; in general, this system works beautifully.

you can drastically reduce the amount of cpu overloads and the unbalanced load distribution between cpu's by deactivating cycle pre-processing btw



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polygen said:
you can drastically reduce the amount of cpu overloads and the unbalanced load distribution between cpu's by deactivating cycle pre-processing btw
Can you please clarify that. Ie: Is this pref for LP, the FF, or the UAD-1 cards?

I have a thread on the LP forum about un-even CPU distribution and no one has had any advice, I would love to know what you are speaking of.



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Im getting a G5 and am interested too


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Preferences > Global > Cycle > Cycle Pre-Processing

You can read about it in the manual or on line Logic Help, page 641.
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