Apollo X4 randomly stops receiving audio


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For the last 2 months or so, I've been having this issue almost once every day where my Apollo X4 stops getting audio from my Mac (both system and DAW - Logic - audio).

It usually happens after my Mac's been sleeping. When it happens, my Mac won't let me play anything that outputs audio (Spotify, YouTube videos etc). It won't even start the song/video. If I change the sound output to anything else (i.e. Macbook Speakers, AirPods Pro and whatnot), I'm able to playback audio normally. The Apollo X4 remains connected to my Mac the entire time and powers up normally.

The only certain way to fix that is by restarting my Mac, which is so annoying.

This started going on very frequently after I updated my UAD software to 11.0, so I imagine it's closely related to this release.

Using a 14" Macbook Pro M1 Pro (10-core CPU/14-core GPU), 16GB RAM 512GB SSD on Ventura 13.5.1.

Anyone else struggling with this issue aswell? Any ideas on what to do? Should I be expecting a new software update from UAD to address the issue?


Joe Porto

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This is a known issue, but 11.01 release notes allude to a fix:

Version 11.0.1 — December 20, 2023

Important: VST3 brings many new benefits to UAD plug-ins. Note that DAW sessions and UAD presets created or saved with UAD v11 may not load in earlier UAD software. For optimum results, make sure sessions shared between computers are all running the same version. See this KB article for details.

Changes in this Release
  • (FireWire) Resolved connectivity issue with Apollo interfaces
  • (VST3/AU) Plug-in settings saved with earlier versions now load under all conditions
  • (macOS) Improved Apollo sleep compatibility with Apple silicon systems


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Hi Joe! Thanks for your reply!

I double checked my UAD Software version after this and I already have 11.0.1 installed and still have this issue going on.

UAD still has to work further on this, I guess?
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