Apollo x6 (TB) with Firewire UAD-2 Quad Satellite


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I read the compatibility page and it says this will work, but using two busses from my Mac (PCIe for the Apollo and Firewire for Satellite). So it should work when connecting both directly to the Mac.
Now comes the potential "problem": I have a 27 inch i7 Intel iMac that just has 2 USB-C connections. I use (all Apple) a USB-C to Tunderbold 2 adapter and then another adapter Thunderbold 2 to Firewire 800. Then a cable into the Quad Sattelite. But it doesn't show up in the console.

Am I missing something?
Is this tho adapters not working at all?
Anyone tried the same limbo dance?



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System report at least sees a device:

Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter:
Vendor Name: Apple Inc.
Device Name: Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter
Mode: Thunderbolt
Device ID: 0x8004
Vendor ID: 0x1
Device Revision: 0x1
UID: 0x0001000300655600
Apple Serial Number: DTN233503ZZF494AQ
Route String: 1
Firmware Version: 5.6
Port (Upstream):
____Status: Device connected
____Link Status: 0x2
____Speed: Up to 10Gb/s x1
____Port Micro Firmware Version: 0.0.17
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