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ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Bluescreen & Error when installing UAD1


New Member
Hopefully someone can help me on this:

I just build my new PC:
Win XP Pro
RME Hammerfall DSP

When trying to install the UAD software (4.01 latest) everything runs smootly.
When I install the UAD1 Card and try to install the drivers,
I get a windows bluescreen saying there is an (hardware?) error.
However, the system assistant of XP shows the card is installed and working.
When I acess the card details, it tells me the drivers are not installed.

I updated the bios to 1.06, installed all Windows updates, told the bios I will configure the PnP devices & IRQs myself -still the system bluescreens every time I install the drivers.!

This is driving me nuts!
Can anyone help me on this?
What can I do? Reinstall Windows?

I had a similar bluescreen erros (machine_error) when trying to install the BFD drum library from DVD.
I exchanged the new DVD drive from LG to an old fucked up noname DVD drive-and it worked. Obviously, the sytem had problems copying the content from dvd to HD. So I figure this may have something to do with memory RAM.....

Please help!! :)


New Member

Did it - but had to reinstall the whole system.
Everything seems to work fine. (knock on wood)

Let's call it a night & have a beer!
Cheers & Thx to all who read this!

surfoer :lol:
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