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Audio Latency through UAD-1 recordings...


New Member
Everytime i try and record realtime through the UAD plugins, i get a latency.

Lemme explain:
- I have a mono track for recording vocals.
- This track has a UAD plugin on it.
- I am recording with software monitoring ON.
- There is a latency when the singer is singing realtime through this track.

Am i the only one experiencing this ?
I have a Dual 2ghz Mac G5 with logic 7.2

Please help



groovio said:
Everytime i try and record realtime through the UAD plugins, i get a latency.
All UAD-1 plugins, by their very nature, have an inherent latency. This is generally 2x the project latency. This is because of the round trip to and back from the DSP card. Also, this latency is culmulative per FX chain, so if you have (2) UAD-1 plugins in an FX chain @ a project latency of 256 buffer sample (5msec) you will have a total 1024 sample latency for that track. In addition, some UAD-1 plugins are more latency intensive than others. For instance, the Precision Multi-Band has an additional 15,144 or so samples (I can't remember the exact number) that needs to be accounted for.
When you are mixing and using a PDC capable audio VST host (which most are these days) all the latencies are auto compensated on playback so you never have to worry about it.
The UAD-1 plugins are not designed for or recommended for live input monitoring, because of their inherent latency and the fact that no DAW's can read into the future and auto compensate for realtime input when using plugins (DSP or native) that incur latency.
Your best bet is to use external hardware FX when recording or use native FX that have no added latency and save the UAD-1 plugins for when you are done tracking and you can concentrate on the mixing & mastering phases.
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