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Authorising plug ins. How?

I have a UAD card on a computer with no Internet connection. So I wrote UA to find out how to authorise plugins when not connected. I was told that I could burn the authorisation reg. file on a cd and open it on the computer with the card.

Which I have tried, but with no luck. Can anyone here help me?



Active Member
Well that is the way to do it or via floppy or lan. What exactly doesn´t work? Mac or PC?. Here when I dubleclick the reg file windows asks if I want to ad it to the registry, click yes et voila!

Sid Chigger

Forum Admin
My DAW isn't on the net either.. I use a USB flash drive between it and the net PC in the Studio.. DL the Authorization file, copy it to the flash drive, take it over to the DAW, copy it to that Hard drive ( I just put it on the desktop) and as Secretworld says say OK to it updating the registry and you should be good to go.. Where is it failing for you??


neil wilkes

Venerated Member
Works perfectly here too.
DL .reg file, it's only 1Kb, and copy it across to DAW.
Double-click, away we go.
Hey, and thanks for the replies :)

I'll have another go tonight and see if I can make it work.
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