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Bought the Space Echo


I tried the demo months ago, it seemed really cool on some guitar
tracks and a must have


Now that I bought it and messed around with it for about an hour (on some vocal tracks) I must be missing something cause I'm not really coming up with a usable sound?

Anyone got any tips or tricks for the space echo?

Is this thing more about spaced out effect than a vintage analog delay sound I was hoping for?


well it's not so complex that someone would have to tell you a special way to tweak it to get a different sound. you can either have reverb or reverb and delay or just delay. and you can adjust the parameters for those (delay,reverb, Highs/Lows).

i love the re-201. even though it isnt cheap. $ or CPU.


Active Member
I own a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo and am therefore used to a top knotch echoplex type of delay. I''m a guitar player who likes to use delay as either an effect (u2) or more subtle to give a track more depth.

When the re-201 came out I was amazed at how great it sounded, that I use it a lot and it compliments my hardware delay.

to answer your question:

I usually use the RE-201 as a Send on it's own stereo track.
I like to start around mode selector 8, with repleat rate all the way to the left, and intensity around 10:00 i usually pan the Echo Pan opposite the Reverb Pan with one or the other panned the same as the dry track.

That's how I use the RE 201 to give subtle depth to a track. I love this plugin. Before I used to use the psp Lexicon delay plug in........


Established Member
For me the secret is to use it really subtly - so that you can't really hear that it's generating an echo.

Just use it to create 'depth' to a track and it's brilliant.

Tony Ostinato

Active Member
heres a quote:

\"There are twelve settings to adjust various tape loop speeds, number of repeats, levels, intensity, etc... It can even generate some of its own feedback loops for instant sci-fi effects. It features a built in spring reverb for even more classic analog effects. The RE-201 not only has Vintage appeal but is still widely used to get those dubby, slightly unpredictable, musically analog echo effects. It's a definite must for the TripHop and dub genres. It has been used by Portishead, Underworld, Fatboy Slim, Dust Brothers, Jean Michel-Jarre, Mr. Oizo, Bob Marley, Sneaker Pimps, Future Sound of London, The Orb, KISS, Sublime, Luke Vibert, Radiohead, Lauryn Hill and Tomita.\"


Active Member
If you are not looking for subtle then I think the RE-201 has to be \"played\". It's helpful to have a hardware controller to use with it.
Stick it on a send track, map some knobs on your hardware controller, then twist those knobs. All kinds of wierd noises will result.
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