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Busy PCI Bus?


New Member
Hi all, this is yet another click, pop and dropout problem during mixing and after offline bouncing...I'm trying to nail the problem down but there seems to be so many variables I don't know where to start!

I figured I'd start with the PCI bus...I'm running a Dual 1Gz G4, 1.5 Gig RAM, 2 80 gig 7400rpm hds. Logic 6.3.3 Platinum.

Here's the thing...I've got a Delta 1010 and a second display adapter sharing PCI bandwidth with my UAD-1..could this be an issue? Could anyone recommend which card should go into what slot? I've read there is an optimal slot for the UAD-1 card.

the other thing is i haven't been able to use dreamverb, realverb or cs-1 because whenever i plug them in the whole system just peaks and overloads giving me nothing but sweet digital distortion...anyone have a clue? anyone else experiencing this?


Active Member
you dont mention a daw


New Member
it could be that delta 1010.....i have a delta 44 and it is not playing well AT ALL with the uad-1. the delta 44 is great on it's own, but as soon as i turn on some powered plugs, all hell breaks loose. i am going to sell it and buy something else. i posted here about my problems with the delta 44, someone replied that the delta series has been know to not work with the uad-1.


New Member
hmmm.interesting...do you think i could test that theory by removing my delta1010 pci card and then trying the plugins?

also, should i end up changing i/o's, should i go with a firewire interface instead of pci?


New Member

anyone have any experience with using a presonus firepod? looks kinda nice and the price looks good too


I can almost guarentee it's the Deltaa 1010. i had one and had to get rid of it. Bought an RME Multiface and couldn't beleive i ever used the Delta. there's no comparison. Rock solid and sweeeet sound!

by the way, i have the same setup you have so I know it will work for you.


Active Member
:twisted: matt that is one freaky looking pic :twisted:


New Member
video card the culprit

hey all, thanks for the help..i actually took out the second video card in my system and it pretty much remedied the whole situation...i am going to look for a new i/o through as i still think the delta is causing some minute clicks and pops that can still be heard...i'm thinking of going firewire? does anyone have an opinion as to whether they think PCI or Firewire is better?


Active Member
Personally I am just a little wary of Firewire for something as critical as an audio interface. I would stay PCI and I also would recomend that you check out the Echo Layla 24. It is very stabie on a G5 w/Logic Pro and Panther.

Pier NYC

New Member
Firewire is perfectly fine for audio provided you get a decent device. For Mac there is the Metric Halo 2882 and RME is releasing (this week I believe) the Fireface 800.

We've been limping along with a Presonus Firestation. I only say limping because I'm looking forward to upgrading to the sound quality of the RME Fireface, but the Presonus has worked perfectly with no clocking problems at all AND we've been able to multitrack live shows on a laptop too. The firestation only operates at 200mbs - 1/2 standard FW bandwidth and at 44k it has no trouble simultaneously recording and outputting 8 channels at once.

Firewire gets more complicated when you get over 8 channels, but the new Fireface is supposed to address that too. The problem is not one with firewire so much as issues with OSX Core Audio.

The Metric Halo device is extremely well respected throughout the industry as well. Great sound quality and solid, reliable performance.

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