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buying a 2 ghz dp pic loaded 10.3.9 new mac


New Member
this is teh part number M9455B/A- cant find out whether its amd chip set loaded from teh store website

im guesiing becos its pci slot that it should be ok - can anyone ( uad james) confirm this for me?



Active Member
Easy way to know the PCI slot versin maxed out at 4GB (only had 4 Mem slots) the PCI-X versions max out at 8GB (8 Mem slots)


Universal Audio
UA Official
The only Dual 2.0 G5 which does not use the AMD-8131 chipset, is the very newest model (M9747LL/A). These ones also ship with Tiger (unless an Apple authorized retailer was setting it up with 10.3.9 specifically for you). There were two older G5 models that were PCI and did use the AMD-8131 chipset, but these were the single 1.6 and original dual 1.8.
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