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C2D or C2Q

I'm currently using

Protools M-Powered 7.3.1

on a old computer
MSI PM8 1mb Cache
Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
2 x 1Gb 533Mhz Ram
2 x 250GB Hdd

I was thinking would
Core 2 Duo E6750 1333 FSB 2 x 2MB Cache = 4 MB Cache or
Core 2 Quad Q6600 1066 FSB 4 x 2MB Cache = 8MB Cache
be a better choice to my next pc.

difference in price is less than $90 USD
but i need better performance on cache or on processing ?
which is much better for loading plugins ?

I've intentions to get a Asus P5K deluxe to go with 2Gb ram and this mobo has 1 x pcie (16), 2 x pci , 2 x pcie slots ! no need for magma chasis !!

Anyone can advice ?


Established Member
Well cache memory will improve the performance, so 4x2MB would sense in the long run. As the cache memory operates extremely fast and it's running at full speed, it would be in your benefit to get the 8MB.

It would be false economy otherwise unless you include the extra power requirements to cool the CPU dies.
imo i feel that Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 ghz running at fsb 1066 with cache 2 x 4 mb would give me 4 x 2.4 CPU running running at the same time. with 1 x UAD1 card it would be able to run at least 4 x neve 33609

am i right to say so ?

But if for C2D E6750 2.66 Ghz running at 1333 with 2 x 2mb cache running with 1 x uad1 card would at most give me 3 x neve 33609

right ? am i right to say so ?

this prediction is based on my current system
P4 2.4ghz
2 x 512 cache

please correct me if i'm wrong


Established Member
You're wrong, sorry. UAD performance is separate from CPU performance. With 1xUAD you get 1 Neve 33609, whether you are running a pentium 3 or a Core 2 quad.
that means the CPU of Q6600 only gives more native plugs like emerald or waves ?
but anyway i'm still buying 2 more uad1e cards so i guess my extra cpu power will goes to my antares and other plugs


Established Member
More CPU, more UAD cards... It's all good stuff really! :D

A few years ago you'd have been burned as a witch for saying you could have power like this...
Fundy said:
Well cache memory will improve the performance, so 4x2MB would sense in the long run. As the cache memory operates extremely fast and it's running at full speed, it would be in your benefit to get the 8MB.

It would be false economy otherwise unless you include the extra power requirements to cool the CPU dies.
so any solution to help cool my cpu then ?
what would you suggest ?

My upcoming system am deciding on

Core2Quad Q6600 1033 FSB
Asus P5K Deluxe
2 x 1GB 667Mhz Ram (02 x 1GB on option)
2 x 250GB Sata II
256 DDR2 Asus 8500 GTS (Fanless)

Any other opinions ?
Still deciding on what fans and power supply to use.
Seriously i'm not very good in all these
so need advise from the experts like you guys.
at least the next newbie who searches this forum finds these useful.

Hey it's time to double up all the UAD cards to uad3 !!
more more dsp !!
i don't mind paying for a card with double (best triple) the dsp.

Anyway UAD rocks


Established Member
Well if you go with a mainboard manufacturer like Asus, Abit or MSI then you should get an adequate design. Look for heat pipes surrounding the CPU socket area or another form of heat dissipation.

Also good airflow in your PC case is essential. But with that in mind, the heatsink that will come with Retail Intel packages will be certified to cool your processor. Although they are lots of heatsink fan manufacturers going about, I prefer someone like Zalman Tech whom make quieter solutions for high-heat set-up.

Anyway good luck with your research.


Established Member
Also when going for a PSU, use one with PFC (Power Factor Correction), good voltage lines (the higher the Amps per powerline the better) and look for modern ATX cerifications. Just don't scrimp on the PSU make it middle of the road if anything. 500-60OW should depending on the rest of the hardware.

Names of the top of my head are Antec, Zalman, SilentPC, and Enermax.


Active Member
I've just replaced my E6300 cpu with a quad core running at 2.4ghz with 8mb cache.

I've managed to overclock it from 2.4ghz to 3.6ghz 100% stable using the Zalman Reserator passive watercooling. No fans no noise and 36 deg C :)


Established Member
oooh watercooling....I've always been wary of using that. Perhaps one day I'll be brave enough.

ermm ... shall keep my mouth shut. well..
today i went for p5k deluxe which has awgree chipset for EE1394
compared to the via chipset for firewire,

Ended up with disappointment because the distributor went out of stock and no shop has any stock in hand for P5k Deluxe.

I'm not sure if i should go for p5k premium.
Because , there isn't any information stating on asus website for the ee1394 chipset they are using on that board.

I've encounter bad chipset which affects FW devices like 410 , 1814 and mbox, while fix other client's studio. that proves a point to get a better EE1394 chipset running on the mobo esp. ( i didn't fix that pc for them but in charge of the record interface and software setup )

Those cheap mobo that comes with EE1394 with low-end chipsets can cause hum to recording interface. and problem is solved by buying an additional pci card for the EE1394.

Meaning i have to be careful choosing mobo with EE1394.
didn't want to waste my slots on other things than my UADs.


New Member
Does the UAD-1 work properly with the C2Q Q6600? No problems? I'm about to buy my first UAD and my DAW is as follows:

CPU: Core2Quad Q6600
M/B: MSI P35 Neo
RAM: 2 GB PC6400 Ram
HD: 3x Seagate SATA2 320GB 16MB
Audio: M-audio Delta 1010
GFX: Club 3D Dual-DVI graphics
and probably a UAD1 Project pak PCI.
Win XP
Cubase SX3

Is it essential to avoid sharing IRQ for the UAD?


Active Member
I've 1814 too...
I'm trying it with P5W DH...
I had some problems, I don't know if it was about the motherboard firewire connection...
So I need sugestions with the pci firewire card.
I don't find any info about compatible pci firewire cards.
I know that the ADS Pyro PCI64 is compatible, but it doesn't exists in my country...
Any sugestion? Thanks


Venerated Member
A few things on the p5w DH....
I disabled the onboard WiFi and SOund card.
Also the 2 other chipset.
This stupid board comes with 3 chipsets!!!!! Dumb.
Stick with the on board FW. It's TI and works great.
Forget about a PCIe FW card. You get nothing but hiccups and stutters and that's before any audio applications have been loaded.
I haven't tried a PCI FW card on that board, but again use the on board firewire.
I have that board a Quad CPU, 2gbs RAM and 3 UADs (could be 4) cards in my case.
FW Interface.(on board FW slot)
Works great.... :)
I have 3 PCI FW cards lying around if you really need one.
Free... Just paypal me the shipping.
UAD Bundle Month