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Can I Use my Ultra plugins with Project card?



Currently I have one UAD-1 Ultra installed at my G5 dual 2,3.
If I´ll add Project (much cheaper) card, can I use all my great
Ultra plugs with both cards?



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Plug-ins can be authorised on up to 3 other cards, so it all needs to be done once. You can transfer the license to another installed card in your machine using the UAD-1 Meter authorisation options.

Project, Ultra, Studio and so forth only defines the value of the package you have purchased and the amount of included plug-ins you can get.


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Of course you can. That's the whole point of the Project Pak. Very few people buy the Project Pak unless they plan to add plugs to it or, more commonly, to use it in conjunction with their other UAD card(s).


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Yes, of course you can. When you register your new card at your my.uaudio.com account (make sure it's under the same group as your Ultra Pak), a new authorizations file will be generated. Use this one to authorize the plug-ins in your system and they'll run on both cards.
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