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can I use the UAD-1 with a dual 2.5 gig G5


New Member
Hi to all!!

I am am planning on purchasing a new G5 and was going to purchase the dual 2.5. I was in the Mac store the other day and one of the mac specialist informed me that PCI-X slots are so new they are not supported by UAD-1 or anything else for that matter. Is this true? Cause then that means I would only be able to get the dual 1.8 which has original PCI-slots.

javascript:emoticon(':D')Thank you in advance for any insight!!



Active Member
Worked fine for me. Eventually I got Magma chassis in order to use 3 UAD 1 and a TC Powercore with my D2.5.

There is an \"issue\" with g5 w/pcix.....to me it's not much of an issue UAD1 doesn't work quite as well maybe a 10 to !5% performance hit some people claim about 20% less processing. But, UA seems to be improving performance since I had mine in the machine, and not in the Magma.

Apple store guy is wrong (they almost always are in my experience) will be fine, check UA's site for more info on the PCI X G5 issue. I say go for it, most G5 users on this forum are using it with a PCI X mac.


Active Member
I've got 2 UAD-1's in mine. Soon, more :D .
Demetrious said:
I've got 2 UAD-1's in mine. Soon, more :D .
hey demetrious, I´d like to know how good you system is running, can you post some of your experiences/problems/solutions/whatever? :)

peace, moritz


Active Member
What would you like to know?

You can read through my post by clicking on my name. Any problems I have I post on this forums, and I try to help people who have a problem with their setups as long as I've used or have experience with the item in questian.

My setup was runing fine appart from a problem that only I seem to have(Logic will not burn to my superdrive).

I say was, cause I just bought a Magma, that don't work. So appart from that, and know Full PDC in Logic Pro, which Fxcks up the way I work (mix as I go along), every thing works fine.

I bought the Magma to protect my investment in the G5 (future expansion).

I'm just glad I did not go for a fireWire interface.

Why, after seeing all the problems a friend of mine has with his yamaha O1x (they don't deserve any capitals letters) and a UAD-1. Damm! I'll have to say, if a sound card does not work with a UAD-1, I would not get that sound card.

Did I just say that :eek: .

Could you imaging, a little PCI card (with no I/O's) being the center of my setup. Sound wise, Logic and UAD-1 for me has to be the best combo. I don't think there is a metter combination musically (sound wise).

This is also a good forum, how good? You might start seeing people buying a UAD-1 just to get help with their setups :D . :eek: Come to think of it, I think 1 guy was thinking just this very idea :? .

There is just 1 thing I would like to try in my home setup, but I'll mension that when I get it :wink: .

As for a wish list, there's not much I could ask for appart from a Logic update (preferably free, or £10 :D ) that had Full PDC, UA to make a tape emulation plug like Crane Song's Phoenix or McDSP's one they have out, and a UA Multi Band Valve compressor (like the Tube-Tech).

Ow, and this forum is not good, it's GREAT, and most of the poeple on here are cool too.
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