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Card adapters available?


New Member
I'm wondering if there is any kind of adapter for putting original style PCI cards into newer Macs. I'm considering purchasing a 2nd card for my G4 but I'll probably be looking at a Mac Pro in about a year. I'd hate to make the investment if I won't be able to use it the new machine.

I'm aware that there are PCI expansion chassis available but they appear to be pretty spendy.

Thanks - JAY

Matt Hepworth

Master of the UADiverse
Forum Admin
Sorry, Jay. That's a no-go as far as I'm aware. There is the crossgrade plan, though. You can buy and use the PCI version, then buy a PCIE version and get $100 toward a plug-in. Sell the PCI version and you won't take much loss after the $100 rebate is awarded.

Resonant Alien

Active Member
Yes, you can buy expasion chassis from Magma and others that have a PCIe host card going to a PCI-based expansion chassis, but the cheapest ones I have seen are about $1400 - I'm betting that for $1400 you'll be able to buy whatever the new UAD platform is by then - or you can buy almost 3 PCIe UAD cards. The expansion chassis are a waste of money IMO.

Are there any plugs you want to buy? If so, go ahead and get another PCI card, but go for the Flexi-Pak - you'll spend $700, but you'll get $500 worth of plugs ($600 if you buy the card by Dec 31) - in essence, you're only spending $100 for the card (assuming there are $600 worth of plugs you want anyway). Even if you go to a Mac Pro in a year and can't use the cards, you haven't invested a whole lot (compared to buying the Project Pak, for example)


New Member
Yeah, I've looked at the expansion chassis thing and that's been my impression - $1400 or so. I could definitely see how that would make sense if you needed to add more cards than your machine could handle. I just thought there might be some kind of piggy-back adapter that would make the old cards work inside a new machine.

I think I've got the plugs I want, at this point. I've got a buddy who can get me pretty deep discounts on gear so I'd only be considering another Project Pak.

Does it work to farm the cards out to another Mac like you would with a sampler?

Thanks - JAY
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