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Check Out This Reverb!!!


New Member
Over on the Nuendo forum I found this today. Check out the
R66 VST-Reverb :
http://www.inuamusic.com/sonicflavours/ ... en&p_id=20

This is an amazing new reverb. The sound blew me away totally!
Vst Windows and MAC. I checked the mp3 demos and then dl'ed
the demo and ran it in Nuendo. VERY impressed! It is also very CPU friendly. I immediately signed up for the group buy (which ends midnight 15 Oct). A super price for a great reverb -with or without group buy.

I can hardly wait to see what these guys from Holland come up with next.
Let me know what you think.
I tested this a few months ago and compared it to my Lexicons - not even close. It's not a bad software reverb (though there are quite a few better ones for XP computers). They themselves claim for it to sound like Lexicon - that's a bad joke we've heard to often.
In comparison it sounds ringy, smeared, artificial - and it does not at all become part of the dry signal (one area in which Lexicon really shines).

Take a look at the Princeton 2016 or the Artsacoustics Reverb (it's not as good as Lexicon either, but a lot closer) or any good convolution verb like WizooVerb, they're all far superior.
The upcoming CS1-r might be a real step in the Lexicon direction, but it is rather pricy.

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
Princeton is about to release their Plate reverb for VST. That could be cool.
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