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choosing a new g5


i know this topic has been discussed to death, but my question is fairly specific.
i'm going to get either the dual 2, or the 2.3. i have 6 gigs of ram already, my question is, will the extra 2 gigs of ram that the 2.3 can accomodate offset the less than optimal performance of the pci-x configuration? or should i just get the dual 2 and load it up with 4 gigs of ram?


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I have 2.0GB memory and very rarely can get over 1gig in Logic with heavy projects using lots of sampled material too. I don't know where people need 4gigs or even more memory. But if you use 96kHz and sick amounts of sampled sounds without DFD sampler option, maybe then you need it.

Edit. I didn't notice much if any improvement when upgrading from 1.25GB to 2.0GB but now I don't have to worry about the memory usage. I work at 44kHz.


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I started with 1.5 gig of RAM in my Dual 2.5. I do a bit of sample playback so I upped my RAM to 3.5 gig. Much to my surprise everything was more stable, less spinning beachball, Nuendo became much more stable with or without the UAD running. I am not so sure that more RAM would help any UAD issues. But overall DAW and system stability increased for me. Plus the extra RAM allowed more not to stream BFD and Mach 5 from the hard drive, which gave me a big performance boost as well.


I've got 3.5 G RAM, and I don't think, even with 20 programs open, it ever uses more than about 2.5. 4, 8, or 6 would be a waste. The BSD Unix is just too efficient about swapping out non-operating tasks.
After a lot of excellent advice from James Cigler, I've taken the plunge and updated to a 2.5 G5, (via ebay at a great price!)

So far everything is ok with my 2 Uad's, although they *DO* add to the host CPU workload, (maybe +5% on a typical x 25 AU instruments project?) not lessen it, which is of course the whole point of a dedicated DSP card...

The real nonsense to me is that Logic 7.1 will not, apparently, utilise more than 2 gigs of Ram - I run the EWQLSO orchestra plus other AU instruments, and am desperate to avoid freezing as film work needs constant live alteration for tempos etc.

My G5 came with 2 gig of Ram, and I gleefully added 4 more: thanks to Tiger's Activity Monitor, I can know sit here glumly watching at least 2 gigs
going to waste most of the time.

Anyhow, the bottom line of James's advice was that go for the non AMD 2.0 G5 if you primarily do true audio multitrack *recording* and use a lot of UAD's on mixdowns: go for the 'faster' AMD machines if you are streaming a lot of sample based virtual instruments, but you'll have to wait for Logic to catch up in it's ability to access significantly more than 2 gig of Ram.

And now, finally, after nearly 2 weeks of downtime/upgrading time, I'm going back to actually writing some music....

Thank you James for your clear and helpful advice - I made the right choice, for my purposes.



Terrific! I'm very happy with my G5 also. However, I did not buy the UAD-1 for processing power, I bought it for the 1176, the LA-2A, and the Plate.
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