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Compressor 1176


i have one question about the 1176 compressors.....

Is it so that an attack of 1 is slower than an attack of 7 on this compressor

and is it also so that a release of 1 is slower than a release of 7?

seems strange but this is how it sounds :)



Hall of Fame Member
From the manual:

Faster attack times are achieved by rotating the Attack control clockwise.

The manual!


It would not be a true 1176 if it did not emulate the exact behavior of the actual hardware version. :wink:
oki thanks guys....just seemed a bit awkward compared to most other compressors :) well....as they sound good i have to live with this i guess ;)


Ben Logan

Active Member
I always find myself saying, \"Ok, let's turn UP the speed\" whenever I use this one. Once you're used to it, it makes sense in it's own quirky way. Great plug!
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