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compressor as a parallel send/return


Probably a dumb question but here goes...
I have the Fairchild compressor plugin and up until now I have used the plugin on individual inserts with Digital Performer. Since I have the PCIx card slot I run out of instances pretty quick. Thinkiing about using one Fairchild plugin in an aux channel and using the send level on each fader channel to add compression across several channels (acoustic guitars mainly.). I always heard that sends/returns should only be used for effects like reverbs, delays, chorusing, etc.
Will the Fairchild plugin work properly as an aux/send?
If so, pre or post fader?


Active Member
Not a dumb question, but a big one.

Yes, you can use it that way, but it will not act in the same manner as an insert. If you send to a comp you have both the direct signal and comped/sent signal. This is helpful on, say a drum track - Think New York mixing.

If you are sending more than one track, remember that compression is dynamics based and the dynamics are different with a multi than single channel.

To get close to the same effect as a single channel, I would recommend not using the send, but routing the channels output to the bus with the comp on it. This eliminates the dry signal.

Verbs and delays are different as they are 'adding' to the sound as opposed to shaping it. So a send works as thought on a channel.

Pre or post is up to you.
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