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Core Audio Errors with Logic 7.1 and UADs


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Hi All,

Looking to see if anyone else is experiencing performance problems with UADs, Magma Chassis, and Logic 7.1 on a 2x2 G5.

Here is my setup:

2x2 G5, 1.5 gb ram, 160 gb main drive, 200 gb audio drive
3 x UADs in Magma chassis - 32 bit / 33 mhz
Panther 10.3.9 , Logic Pro 7.1
Apple internal audio card

The problem is I get Core Audio overload messages when using upwards of 40 UAD plugins on various tracks in a song. Sometimes the problem appears with even less plugins. The combination of plugs doesn't seem to matter - could be a bunch of low DSP plugs like EX1s or a DSP hog like the 1176LN or a combination of the two.

I can run a ton of native plugs and never have a problem. Only when running the UAD plugs does the problem appear. The UAD meter never gets above 60% when running the plugs. For most songs it is around 45 - 50%. It seems like I should be able to run this amount of plugs without any problems. Are others with a similar setup running just fine ? Are there any settings that I can change that will improve performance ?

I have already looked at the G5 article in the Webzine. Looking for advice beyond what was in the article.




Universal Audio
UA Official
Hi Mark,
The issue with these machine that use the AMD-8131 chipset is that they are basically limiting the amount (number) of plugins that you can run effectively, the DSP load doesn't necessarily have a bearing on the performance. Having the UAD-1 cards in the Magma chassis does help (it also allows you to disable the AMD-8131 mode in the UAD-1 Meter, which will reduce the load on the host CPU for each plugin), but the Magma does not *fix* the problem.

If you do not have any other PCI cards, you can try using a MIN_GNT setting of 128 in the UAD-1 Meter configuration menu. Also, try having the Magma PCI card in the slot right after the graphics card; or conversely try having the Magma card in slot 4 (farthest from the graphics card).

In Logic, use a hardware buffer of at least 512 if you are going to be running a lot of plugins (1024 would be preferred) and also, experiment with the Process buffer setting. For most people, Medium seems to work the best, but see if Small or Large gives you any better results. Also, if you have the Larger Disk Buffer option checked, I'd recommend turning that off.
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