Coyote Hoods lost album (have a listen) it's me singing!


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and then tell me what you think... don't hold back!
I've remastered my bands music... CHECK IT OUT!!!
I recorded and mixed the thing myself, about a year or so ago... I guess mastered too

All Hi-Rez MP3's of course!

We are called the Coyote Hoods. I sing and write the music and have friends play with me. The stuff on our myspace page is an older album that I thought I had lost forever, but no!!! Found it and did some re-mastering.

I hope you enjoy, this music means a lot to me.



They're back up and have a listen!

Coyote Hoods

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Heya Scott,

Is this album still posted on MySpace. I'd love to hear it but couldn't find the links sadly!

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