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Crackles pops and all these good well known friends...


HI all,

I thought it wouod be interested to share my last tests.
(please Check my signature for my hardware setup)
After having finally fixed all my crackles problems, I still kept having crackles when rendering using any Precison plugin (i have all three).
I just tried today to render, using \"real time rendering\"...And no more crackles at all.
I just do not know why , but well it works. Maybe this can be useful to people having the same kind of problems.



New Member

Hi Hulahup,

i have also problems with crackles, pops and audio interrupts.
Can you give me some suggestions / tips what to to to get rid of this annoying noise?

Heres my system:

Cubase 3.0 SX (+ latest update installed + using latest ASIO driver of RME Fireface)
Matrox P750 (+ latest driver)
RME Fireface 800 (+ latest driver)
Motherboard: MSI 865PE NEO 3 (SKT775 chipset)
2048 MB Kingston DDR (400 Mhz)
Intel Pentium 4 3,0 Ghz 2MB Cache, 800 Mhz FSB
Power supply: Antec ATX SL350PEC (350 W)

+ 1 x UAD 1 (with latest software 4.3 installed)

... and here's what i have already tried to say goodbye to all those crackles and pops:

  • Changing the PCI-slot (All 3 available PCI slots with the same results). In currently used PCI slot the UAD shares IRQ with USB-Controller which isn't used by any USB-Device
  • Experimenting with different PCI Latency settings for Firewire-Card (Fireface is connected to) and UAD-Card
  • Experimenting with different ASIO BUFFER settings - even with the current setting of 1048 samples i have these annoying crackles!!

I'm slightly going mad if this noise doesn't leave the chassis of my computer :evil:

Any idea / suggestion would be appreciated

Thanx and greetings



Hi Daniel,

There are many tips you can use. Do a search on this forum using \"crackles\" \"glitch\",\"pops\" etc.. as keywords. You'll fin a lot of useful informations and tools that can help.
Check also working setups forum.
To get rid of my problems, i tried many many tips.
Even today, i keep having some crackles from time to time using specific plugs.
First thing is to update all your drivers (cards, MB..Everything). Then you can try other cards (video card:is it AGP, Pcie?..Try different ones if you can).
I don't know a lo about Pentium based configs problems, as i have an AMD based computer.
Good luck !
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