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crackles problem, again...


New Member
Hi, I have the crackles problem and yes I have searched the forum and I did not find a solution, so here it comes:

I am using the Power Mac G5 2ghz the PCI X version ( I have 2 slots operating at 100 and one at 133 mhz) - sorry if I spelled that wrong, so I hear clicks and pops when inserting powered plugins to an audio track (even if the track with plugins is not playing - I hear clicks coming from different tracks) - removing powered plugins completely solves the problem, adding more plugins adds more clicks. The UAD meter application shows around 27% when the clicks start to appear and at 50 - 60% (if adding plugins) the audio sound becomes unbearable. I tried changing slots for the UAD cad and even for all the cards installed with no success...

So my question: Is there a real solution for the problem? (not counting getting a new computer)

Thank you very much in advance

Latest OS 10.4.7
Latest version of Nuendo 3.2.1
Latest version of UAD1- 4.3.0 with the latest driver...


Established Member

I assume you have read the articles on the universal audio site about how to deal with the G5 pci-x and the problems with it's chipset?

What soundcard do you use? Do you use anything else that uses the pci buss (firewire drives, usb2 devices etc)?

What's hapening is something interferes with the dataflow to and/or from the uad card. The G5 pci-x chipset is known to cause dataflow problems and ua provided some solutions. Every plugin instance adds 2 more audiostreams: 1 to and one from the uad. Loads of small plugs will therefore likely give more trouble than a few heavy ones. The actual load of the uad should not really matter, the amount of plugins should. Raise buffersizes to give the streams more time to catch up...



New Member
Thanks for your reply, I do have the Atto ExpressPCI UL4D SCSI card and Motu 2408mk3 (PCI424) sound card installed in slots 2 and 3 the UAD1 is in slot 4. No fire wire drives or USB2 devises but I do have some other small peripherals connected such as printer, network, midi interfaces, audio dongles, etc...

Again, thanks in advance!
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