Crossroads - how's this mix?


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I'm due finishing this project. How does this mix sound to you and what do you think are it's pro's and con's? Almost everything is done with Uad. Cambridge is the main plug for eq.

Link: Crossroads

Thanks in advance for listening,


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Vox didnt seem to be lost but then I only listend to the 1st 30 seconds of it. The clip keeps muting out and that is SOOOO annoying. Not sure if it is my playback or your clip. But lead seems fine maybe even a little loud to me. (in those 1st 30 seconds.)

Ok.. I redownloaded the clip.

Now I can get into it.

Vocal is fine...

The only place I Question vocal placement is around 1:44 to 2:40

So far. ... I am typing as i listen.

I think you pushed the ld back to change perspective, but you should have brought something else up to fill that middle place. after 2:44 in the song I mean.... The adlib vocals would have been spomthing to bring up a bit to redirect my focus as i am listening...


Great arrangement, you really captured Soul in this one. The sound and mix are great, Respect!

The level of the lead vox is perfect on my system.

Two points:
The talking voice in the vamp is EQed 'upfront' but has a 'in the back' level, it attracks attention but it's hard to understand. You should pick either 'up front' or 'in the back', not both.
The drummer's playing in the vamp sounds like he had no idea there were gonna be huge bg vocals. Maybe you could dub with a ride cymbal or some claps to spice it up.



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Hi Michael, Giles & Ator,

thanks; I was wondering if the breakdown worked. Problem is it has a high moral, which can be cheesy if it sounds too serious, so I was looking for a way to have it understandable, but not too much up front. I will look further 8) I did put some claps on the chorusses, maybe not loud enough then. The big backing was brought in later to lift the piece, the drums were done before that.

Nice work !!

Hi Boody,

You definitaly have a style off your own, nice work as usual. That chorus line is killer. Vocal levels seem fine.

Regards Clive


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thanks Clive! That's a big compliment :D

Ator; I re-read your post and saw I misunderstood it. The talking in the vamp should be in the back but understandable if you listen closely. Difficult to get that effect...


The talking in the doesn't add much, I'd make more room for the singing ad libs and go for a more 'gospel choir with leading lady go wild' style ending.
The big backing was brought in later to lift the piece, the drums were done before that
It's always hard to interact with the band if you're the first to lay down your tracks. Maybe even more with this kind of music 'cause it's close to jazz and as a drummer you can get really wild (or quiet) on being on top of what the band/ lead is doing.

About the claps in the endvamp, I didn't mean the clap that exactly doubles the snare but more of a sssshjjjjp clap, the one that starts before the beat and ends after it. Like clap-clap-BEAT-clap-clap but played close enough to still be one sound. =D> =D>

All this reminds me it's been way too long I've listened to Stevie Wonders Songs In The Key Of Life, better go and change that :D



hi, i like this tune. one thing i thought could help would be to fool around with the placement of the background vocals. they're sooo symetrical. sometimes you can create a much cooler virtual space if they are anything but hard panned. maybe one hard left and the others scattered around 10 and 11 oclock, i dunno. also a tiny bit quieter.

always good to experiment and stray from the generic norm

i like this tune

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