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Cry for help to PCIe -PCI expansion chassis users


New Member
Hi Guys,
I know there is a lot of discussion out there on this, but non of it seems to answer my question. If anyone out there can offer me help either on this forum or by emailing me at gareth@hlstudios.co.uk I'll be extremely grateful :)
I have a Magma Chassis with 2 UAD PCI cards (also 2 powercore and an SATA card but they are not ALL that relevant to this). I use them with a Dual G5 2GHz that has PCI-X slots. The chassis is very old :-(
I want to buy a new Mac Pro (desktop not Macbook Pro) probably 8 core, which will have PCIe slots so I need to change my chassis and as I understand it, changing the host card is not an option with old Magma Chassis.
The advice on UA's site says that there are problems with the Magma PCIe to PCI expansion option and the the SBS is better for this but I'm really struggling to find a supplier with any real knowledge of the SBS product in the UK INCLUDING their UK distributor!!!
Unusually for UA, they have not replied to my last 3 emails asking for advice on this so I'm getting desperate.
Can anyone here offer advice on this, either negative or positive? Have you tried something and found it troublesome? Have you got a PCIe - PCI solution that works for Mac Pro's?
Please keep in mind that my current chassis is unlikely to work with a new host card (unless you have better info on that).
All help appreciated :)


New Member
I'd be interested to know about this too. I have a 7 slot magma, 2 uad cards and a mac pro 8 core 3ghz machine connected with one of the new magma pcie host cards. Even with the latest drivers it's just too unstable to use any of the uad plugs as I get terrible lockups/crashes. Do let us know if you have any success with the sbs chassis. You could always order one direct from a US supplier?



New Member
Hi Rob,
I got a (hopefully) very helpful answer from Magma this week saying that yes there is still a known problem with the UAD card and their 6 slot PCIe to PCI chassis but that they do a seven slot Chassis with a PCIe card that works fine with UAD, Powercore and SATA cards (which in total is what is in my current chassis). Assuming they are right (and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee) then they are now my solution of choice! :)
SBS were kinda hard work to talk to and their solution is considerably more expensive (the Magma option was $1599)
I think I'll wait til the next release of Mac Pro's and dive in! Can you tell me your thoughts on your current 8 core Mac? I'd love to hear those babies rock? I'm on a dual 2GHz G5 at the moment and it struggles with the amount of plugs and VI's I can use on a full mix :-(
Many Thanks, G


New Member
Hi Gareth,

The 8 core is a really nice machine - quiet and well built. It's been very solid for me with no real crashes to speak of other than with the UAD's or Powercore Firewire but I expect it's performance to increase when the programmers at Steinberg fix the bug which is affecting 8 core machines at low latency (promised for next release of Cubase/Nuendo) and also once OSX goes fully 64 bit which will allow me to access more memory for samples etc. Even now it's pretty quick but once those 8 cores are working together properly I expect it to fly.
I don't know if you saw but SBS seem to have a UK distributor which is pretty easy to find with Google.


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