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Cubase SX 2.2 Export Problem


New Member
Hi People,

since a few days i am a very proud owner of an uad1 card (mackie).
I bought it used via ebay. Everything works fine. I am using Cubase
SX 2.2 on an audio PC (Intel P4 - 3 GHz - 1 GB Ram (Infinion) Asus
P4800deluxe mainboard and so on..)

Using the plug's in cubase is no problem, the sound is brilliant,
but if i am doing an audio mixdown - i get clicks and pops in the
exported file :(

So would anybody help me out of this.....?

Sorry for asking this, but the search function gives me an error
everytime i try to look...


Tony Ostinato

Active Member
What soundcard(s) do you have installed and what are your asio setting and asio buffersize?


New Member
Hi Tony

thank you for your help.

I am using a edirol DA 24/96
Cubase SX says
Input Latency = 10 ms
Output Latency = 33 ms

DMA Buffer Size = 512 Samples

Does this help?

Regards Martin


New Member
Hi ,
Bizarrely I have got the exact same problem .I to have just bought an UAD-1 (which I absolutely love !!!) and run SX2.2 (256 buffer size)everything works great except when I want to export I get pops and glitches . I'm running a Motu 24i/o on an Asus NCCH-DL Mobo, 2gb of ram ,I note on some of the forum posts that there may be a problem with this particular Mobo and to be honest if I could be guaranteed great results by using a PC-DL Deluxe board instead then I would probably do that .BUT if there is something that I could do instead I would be Very Pleased ....any ideas ?


New Member
Hi millstudio!

The uad-technical help wrote me, that i should do
an realtime export in cubase sx.
I am thinking that is a function which may not
work with an entire project-mixdown - but i try it
today and this works really fine. No pops and glitches.

So i can live with that. Maybe this helps you too....



Sadly, left this world before his time.
You always have to export mixdown in realtime using UAD-1 and Nuendo/SX. Perhaps with the other sequencers, too, but I'm not sure.


New Member
Hi all,
Thanks for the reply .The realtime export is what I normally do for my projects and this works fine ,but occasionally I do the internal export method .No worries it's just a shame that this can't be done .
Thanks again


New Member
hi everybody
I have the same problem in exporting mixdown....
the strange thing is that when i try to read the .waw mixdown by Windows media player or a cd player there's a lot of pops and scratches..... but if i use Cubase to read this same file the schratches disappear....

i heard about the realtime export..... what is it?

i have a Pentium 4 + motu 24 i/o + motu pci....

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