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David Axelrod drums


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Anybody else dig the sound of those drums on albums like \"Songs of Innocence\"? Those drum sounds are fat as hell. I'm guessing most of the sound comes from OH mics and there is not much high end in the signal. Using the Fairchild and PultecPro I can get close to this sound. I have a hard time getting the kick and snare to sound as good though. Anybody have any thoughts about this? I'm sure those drums were tracked to tape but there is not much distortion so they definately weren't pegging the tape machine.

By the way, I am using DFHS for drum sounds since I don't own an actual kit. The Pearl stainless steel snare with damping on it sounds pretty close and the Ludwig kick sounds close but is a lot wimpier.
LOVE those sounds! If only they could be more easily sampled. ;)

I think that tape (and in particular the [slower] tape speeds and formulations in use when that record was cut) is a huge factor in the nature of those tones.

You don't have to peg a tape deck to get a fatter-than-digital tone.

EDIT: Also, whoever tuned the kit on \"Songs of Innocence\" knew what they were doing. Tuning is 50% of the battle in getting good drum tone. Then it's about 25% the player's chops and the engineer picks up the 25% slack remaining. :)


unfortunately, a large part of the sound is due to the drum player!
also the fact that it's a real kit... but you're right, lots of OH in the mix and a pumping fairchild and the pultec is the way to do it...

the mid section of the pultec pro is amazing on snare by the way.
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